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Image Requirements

In order to have an extraordinary custom printed shirt, we need high-resolution images. Otherwise, the designs will look blurry or pixilated.

Please make sure your images have a good resolution by doing this:

On Mac:

  • Right-click on the image.
  • Click “Get Info”.
  • Expand “More info”.
  • Check “Dimensions“.

On Windows:

  • Right-click on the image.
  • Click “Properties”.
  • Click “Details” tab.
  • Check “Dimensions“.

Once you have the dimensions of your image, check the following table to see how large the image can be printed to achieve the highest quality:

Dimension in Pixels (Height or Width) Maximum print size in Inches
1000px 3in max.
2000px 6.5in max.
3000px 10in max.
4000px 13in max.
5000px 16.5in max.
6000px 20in max.